Getting our hands dirty (with paint)

After breakfast this morning, we met together as a team to check in with each other as to how we were doing and spend some time looking at Philippians. Then we got to work!

A project that we have the opportunity to help with here at New Hope is the painting of one of the staff houses. Our team spent the majority of the morning and the afternoon working together on this project as well as doing some landscaping on that property. We made some great progress and will be back at it again on Monday and Tuesday.

I'm sure everyone on the team would agree that the highlight of the day was the time we were able to spend with Samuel Family. Before dinner, we helped them do their chores in their garden (don't think small garden), then after dinner we returned to their "home" for worship, introductions, and testimonies. They sang one of their favorite songs for us, then we sang "10,000 Reasons" together, followed by "Mighty to Save." It was truly delightful to praise God together with our brothers & sisters here in Uganda—a small taste of heaven.

As I type this, the rest of the team is relaxing, if you can call boisterously playing games relaxing... We're heading to a Rhino Sanctuary with Samuel Family and the McFarlands tomorrow morning and we can't wait to share our stories and pictures from that experience with you!

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