Rhino Day!

Our team, the whole Samuel Family, and the McFarlands (that's 50 people total, in case you're wondering) piled into a couple vans and a bus this morning to drive two hours north to the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary for some "rhino trekking." Before we left, Keith paired each of us from our team with one or two of the kids from Samuel Family, so we sat with our buddies on the trip and got to know each other better throughout the day. Our expedition was a success because we did indeed see three rhinos as close as we safely could. It was a beautiful day and a very fun experience. On our way back we shared lunch together, then headed south to New Hope.

For dinner, Keith took us to a restaurant right in the middle of the nearby village of Kiwoko where we enjoyed one of his favorites dishes traditionally served in the eastern part of Uganda. The food was delicious and our hosts were generous and friendly, as are all of our new friends and family here in Uganda.

We returned once again to New Hope for their craft night, where many gifts were purchased from local staff and students for many of you! Of course I won't spoil those surprises.

Tomorrow morning we have the privilege to worship with the McFarland's Ugandan church family here at New Hope. I've been looking forward to this specifically for some time, and I know it will be a blessed time worshipping our great God and Savior with people from other "tribes and languages and peoples and nations." We hope you have a blessed day worshipping him as well!


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