A Nice, Full Day

If you asked each team member about today in particular, you would likely get a different answer from each of us. For me (Peter), my day was defined by the opportunity I had to teach at the Institute where Keith's ministry is focused. The majority of the team spent the day continuing our work project of painting one of the staff houses. A few were able to visit one of the classrooms and help with the children.

We came together for dinner, then grabbed a guitar and sang a handful of our favorite RS worship songs for the staff responsible for our meals. It was a special time for us and a nice taste (sound?) of home.

After dinner, there was a Ladies' Tea that members of our team were able to participate in. From the reports I received after, it was a delightful and encouraging time of fellowship and worship. Meanwhile, the rest of us headed back to Samuel Family for their evening devotions and then to the McFarlands' house to spend time with Keith and Isaiah.

As I type this, the rest of the team are playing games in the dining area. The fellowship and unity among our team is sweet to see and an answer to prayer for our trip. It's hard to believe tomorrow is our last day here at New Hope. Thanks again for your continued prayers!

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