First Day at New Hope

We woke up this morning to the beauty of Uganda: a gentle breeze, trees everywhere, and some new bird songs. While we were enjoying breakfast, the McFarlands pulled in to greet us and let us know we were "all most welcome," which actually sounds like "almost welcome" when you hear it out loud. We loaded up in their van and a bus and headed to New Hope. It was quite a drive filled with animals, bodas (motorcycle taxis), and ambiguous traffic laws (perhaps they're more like suggestions).

We saw the city of Kampala (the largest in Uganda) and several smaller villages as the roads transitioned from blacktop to a packed red dirt that fills the air during the dry season. Finally, we saw the New Hope Uganda sign welcoming us to Kasana Children's Centre (Kasana means "light" in Luganda). We enjoyed lunch at the Guest House where we will be staying for the rest of our trip, then our Orientation and Tour began. We learned about the history of New Hope from Joanna, the daughter of Uncle Jonnes, one of the two men that the Lord used to start New Hope 30 years ago. We saw where the Samuel Family lives, the Primary School buildings, staff housing, the babies' house, the clinic, the TJOC (Treasures in Jars of Clay) facility for special needs' kids, the Secondary School buildings, and the McFarland's house and surrounding garden. In other words, we toured it all!

We enjoyed dinner this evening with the McFarlands at the Guest House followed by a quick volleyball match, then met together at the McFarlands to learn more from "Uncle Keith" about Ugandan culture and talk about our trip so far. Tonight, several of us are embarking on an exciting new cultural experience: watching England vs. Croatia projected on a screen in their open-air church structure surrounded by eager Ugandan futbol fans.

I know you're probably looking for pictures. I'll do my best to get those posted as I can. In the meantime, imagine happy faces surrounded by beautiful scenery. Thank you again for your prayers on our behalf!

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