Finishing Up and Saying Goodbye

Yesterday was our last day here at New Hope, and it was a special day for our team in a variety of ways. Because of the relationships formed with various staff members here, we received invitations to observe or participate in different areas of ministry throughout the day. Some were in classrooms, others observed at the Institute, a few provided finishing touches at the house we painted, and a couple even helped prepare our evening meal in the kitchen. In the afternoon, we piled into vans and drove out to one of the nearby villages to see Pastor Paul's home and hear and see the history of the church the Lord used him to plant there. He shared some wonderful stories of how the Lord has used the gospel to bring people from darkness to light throughout their village. On the way back to New Hope, one of our vans (with a driver who will remain anonymous) went "sight-seeing" and had some very interesting and memorable experiences which are better told in person.

After dinner, we met one last time with Samuel Family to worship our Lord together (this time we led the singing) and share stories about you and all that God did to provide for our trip. They send their love and gratitude to all of you! We took many pictures and said many goodbyes. The Lord was so kind to knit our hearts together with them in such a short time. Much of the ministry here at New Hope is possible only because of sponsorships connected to specific children. If you'd like to learn more about that, you can visit their website here. We ended the evening at the McFarlands, sharing lessons that we learned and thinking about how to end our trip well and keep those lessons in front of us.

This morning is a flurry of activity as we pack and continue to say goodbye. We will be loading up and leaving this morning to head to Kampala for some shopping and time together as a team before we fly out late tonight and return to you tomorrow! On behalf of our team, the McFarlands, Samuel Family, and the staff here at New Hope, we cannot express our gratitude enough to you and the Lord for sending us! We look forward to sharing more of our stories with you face-to-face.

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