Fellowship with our Ugandan Family

Yesterday was another wonderful day for our team. Kasana Community Church meets here on site at New Hope, and we were able to worship with them. The service was conducted in both Luganda and English, which was a new and fascinating experience for all of us. Uncle Jonnes—one of the two founders of New Hope—preached on reconciliation from 2 Corinthians 5 and reminded us that our relationship with God and with each other is possible only because God made it possible at the cross.

After lunch we spent the afternoon competing in the first ever International Appalafrican Cup (Keith's creation)—a football (soccer) and volleyball competition with teams made up of our team members and kids from the Samuel Family. Of the four teams: Rubbish Bins, Rocks, Purple Flowers, and Square Trees, the Rocks came out on top.

We then enjoyed a traditional and delicious Uganda dinner and then watched the World Cup Final. It's a toss up as to which was more enjoyable: watching the game or watching the fans. My vote is watching the fans. It was an unforgettably loud and boisterous experience!

It's morning here for us on our second to last day at New Hope. Our plan is to continue on our work projects and spend some more time with Samuel Family. Thanks for your prayers!

Here is a brief update video that was shown at the Randolph Street Gathering yesterday.

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